We can also participate in the management of special projects related to aircraft maintenance and aeronautical regulations.

Here are a few examples of completed projects we’ve been involved in :

  • Elaborate a proposal to a French Navy call for tender for the full support of an helicopter fleet.
  • Purchase 2 DC8’s to the French Air Force through a call for tender, acting as agent of an US operator (including the elaboration of an asbestos removal plan, and the return to service of the aircraft at an airport with no facility).
  • Information System IT audit at 4 different facilities for a major MRO.
  • Consulting services to the French State for the renewal of a full maintenance support contract of a 25 aircraft fleet, including call for tender elaboration and MRO selection.

You may submit to us the details of such potential projects ; we’ll determine together whether we are qualified to participate in the project or not.