Do you have one or several fleets for which continuing airworthiness is monitored through a specific information system software ?

We can assist you to upload new aircraft into your system.

We can also audit your database to determine the accuracy of data versus expected airworthiness standards and aircraft technical records.

Here are some typical completed projects related to this kind of service :

  • Prepare Excel® upload files using aircraft records and data provided by the operators for in-service aircraft, Airbus or Boeing for new aircraft (semi-automated upload) ; verify correct upload of data ; manually add relevant data which could not be uploaded automatically.
  • Review previously existing database ; identify data discrepancies ; define corrective actions ; make relevant manual changes to reflect correct aircraft status, or prepare Excel® upload files to rebuild a new database when relevant.

We have an operational knowledge of IFR Skeyes AMASIS® software following modules and functions :

  • Logistics : reference card and equipment card.
  • Routine maintenance : A/C components tracking and on-wing parts adjustment.
  • Assemblies/sub-assemblies : model components log, model reference structure and management.
  • Scheduled maintenance : maintenance program and maintenance schedule.
  • SB’s/AD’s and standards : document reference data, proposal management and schedule management.