Do you intend to lease or buy an aircraft ? Do you represent an aircraft owner ? Are you an aircraft asset manager ? Do you want to audit an aircraft compliance to airworthiness regulations ? In any case, at some stage, you will wish to know how your aircraft technical records are maintained and wether your aircraft and its records are airworthy or not.

We can do this audit for you through the following steps :

  • Collect all data of interest to determine the current maintenance and airworthiness status of the aircraft (remaining time or life on major checks and components, most significant open AD’s, significant repairs, modifications standards, etc.).
  • Identify the discrepancies against a given regulation or an agreement delivery clauses.
  • Determine the relevant corrective actions.
  • Provide all findings and data of interest in a comprehensive report including an executive summary.

Audit may be conducted on digital records (back-office) or on physical records (on-site). In the frame of our back-office services, digital records may be uploaded on our ftp server, which avoids shipment of CD’s.